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The Art of Demotivation: Chairman Edition The Art of Demotivation: Chairman Edition
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Coffer Lock
Entre Nous
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When One Can Not Afford To Own The Merely Affordable
While the hoi polloi delight endlessly in disposable adornments and the parvenu in vulgar displays of new wealth, a reader of distinction holds oneself to a far more exacting standard. It is to those qualified to savor the luxuriating delights of handmade bookcraft that we offer this exquisite, limited-edition masterwork.

Coffer Label
Serialized, for Your Pleasure

The Fine Art of Letterpress
The old-world printing method remains the finest. As polymer plate comes in violent collision with the superfine page, it deposits ink into the recess it creates. The printed piece borne from this tempestuous marriage of machine and paper forever retains this dark and beautiful impression, like a child, scarred-yet-strengthened by memories of forever quarreling parents. Go on- touch the page. But be warned. As you touch it, so it will touch you.

Leather Cover
Chairman of the Board
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Bound to be The Best
No great work of art is achieved without suffering. The genuine goatskin* cover that not so long ago served merely to sheath the life-support system for a grazing mass of distasteful meat has been painstakingly transformed by leather artisans into a supple, full-grain book cover of unsurpassed elegance. Ignoble beast- in death thou art perfected.

Coffer Key
Every Treasure Chest Needs a Key
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A Worthy Chest for a Treasure of Printcraft
Just as a hardcover is hardly a fitting enclosure for the handmade pages within, so too would a cardboard box be unworthy of the handbound book. Hence our commissioning of a vessel worthy of its contents. Created in collaboration with acclaimed humidor manufacturer Daniel Marshall, this limited-edition Art of Demotivation Book Coffer can serve either as home to this sacred management text, or as a fully-functional cigar humidor. Apple brandy, anyone?

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One of a Kind, Like You
The masses delight in things mass-produced. But not you. In purchasing this wonderment of word, take comfort in knowing that only five-hundred editions have been authorized. Each book and coffer has been numbered, with no more to be produced hereafter.

* Vegetarians, ask about our Tofu option.

The Chairman Edition Features

The entire text of the landmark book The Art of Demotivation

18 illustrations by Kevin Sprouls, Creator of the Wall Street Journal Portrait Technique

Letterpress printing by Bradley Hutchinson

Limited edition printing - only 500 will be made. Each numbered edition is signed by the Author.

Bound in genuine French Shagreen leather

Ships in a custom-made Book Coffer™, made by celebrated cigar humidor maker Daniel Marshall (see details below)

Printed on Deckle-edged Somerset Book Wove with Yellow Chapter gears

Printed and bound-to-order in Austin, Texas

Book Coffer™ Details

Gold-plated AOD keyhole with accompanying gold-plated key

Key comes in black velvet hinged jewelry box (ideal for gift giving to that most special Executive)

Limited edition, numbered on plaque

Is a fully-functioning cigar humidor made by celebrated humidor designer Daniel Marshall

125 Cigar capacity

Coffer interior made with untreated Spanish cedar to enliven the flavor of your cigars

Sleek, matte black lacquer finish

Measures 14" x 10" x 5½"

Removable tray allows one to conceal Chairman Edition beneath a bed of one's finest cigars

4 Dividers

Daniel Marshall Hydrometer, Humidification system, bottle of special care solution and an empty bottle for one's distilled water, along with a monthly marking device


• Hardcover (French Shagreen)
• Publisher:
Despair, Ink (July 1, 2005)
• ISBN: 1892503425
• Sales Rank: #1
• Other Editions: Poseurs

Chairman Edition AOD-003: If you have to ask...

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