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spacer The Art of DemotivationThe Art of Demotivation
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Failure: illustration by Kevin Sprouls
Features 17 Demotivators ® Illustrations by Kevin Sprouls,
Creator of the Wall Street Journal Portrait Style

Introducing The Art of Demotivation
After two years of development, the landmark Management Guide from Despair, Inc. founder Dr. E.L. Kersten is here.

Motivation. The Futile Quest
At no time in history have there been more motivational resources available to the modern manager. And yet, in spite of the dazzling array of solutions sold, employee morale has reached critical lows- with the majority of workers actually reporting they hate their jobs. How did this happen? And more importantly, what can executives do about the crisis of employee discontent?

In this incisive new work, former professor and current executive Kersten offers a devastating critique of the motivation industry and its complicity in the crisis. But more importantly, he offers to managers and executives everywhere a shockingly radical solution to the problem of employee motivation - one tested and perfected within the confines of Despair, Inc. itself.

Safety First
Many business books claim to espouse dangerous and disruptive ideas in a largely cynical attempt to generate buzz. But The Art of Demotivation is the first management book in history so dangerous that it includes its own lock (or cloaking device).

Three Stunning Editions
For three tiers of management, we offer the same book in three distinct editions. For the cost-conscious middle manager, our Manager edition. For the Executive class, a costlier edition of greater style and declarative power. And for the Chairman, an edition which transcends print to become fine art itself.

Illustrated by Kevin Sprouls
A text so historic deserves art of equal import. Kevin Sprouls, the celebrated creator of the Wall Street Journal Portrait Technique, lent his pen and vision to create 18 stylized renderings of Demotivators ® for this work.

* Lock available in Executive editionManager edition includes cloaking device.